About Us

My Home Inc. programs address the issues faced
by our clients as they transition into society.

My Home Inc. is culturally competent and has five distinct primary treatment phases:

Develop clients awareness regarding what relapse is.

Deter continued chemical use and abuse.

Eliminate community and domestic violence.

Prepare clients for work readiness.

Assist with educational planning and referral.

My Home Inc. programs address the issues faced by our clients as they transition into society i.e. family, community etc.. These issues include: criminal recidivist behavior, chemical dependency, community and domestic violence, poor self esteem, poor parenting skills, lack of educational and employment skills, and homelessness.

Studies show that culture and customs are primary influences of a broad range of behaviors. Current theory reinforces the need for treatment to be targeted to the population it is intended to treat.  That is, when working successfully with one group of people having a shared, collective experience will not necessarily produce the same success rate when applied to other groups.  Even when there is sensitivity to culture, many programs continue to approach the African American population as a homogeneous group; these culturally sensitive strategies “in and of themselves” do not necessarily result in culturally appropriate strategies.

My Home Inc, offers a variety of programs to assist African American and East African Men, and African American women who are participating in supervised release, work release, probation programs or are involved with child protection.

My Home Inc. has found it essential to establish goals and interventions that are based on the client’s cognitive, emotional, psychological, spiritual, cultural and social levels rather than using the same interventions for every individual.

My Home Inc. values the uniqueness of each individual and we recognize every individual’s transition is unique.  Services are provided from an open-ended multi-systemic approach based on the individual’s specific needs and strengths as mandated by the Department of Human Services .  My Home Inc. has a history of providing services to the individual who is resistant to services.  We have found through our 21 years of experience that the core of engaging resistant individuals is to build trust, it is also essential to gain an understanding of the client’s issues from the client’s perspective.

My Home Inc. has developed a culturally specific model of service that utilizes an eclectic integration of therapeutic and cognitive treatment methods, as well as mentorship designed to reduce the rates of relapse, cycles of recidivism and other self-defeating behaviors for Adult African American and East African men who are / have experienced problematic chemical use / abuse issues, as well as community, domestic and family violence due to chemical dependency.

While the combination of both therapeutic and cognitive treatment methods greatly increases the opportunity to successfully treat a greater number of individuals, success is truly based on the desire of each individual to change.

This proven client engagement and treatment method includes: intensive case management, group counseling sessions, individual counseling sessions, couples counseling sessions when appropriate, culturally specific lectures and workshops, life-skill training, parenting support group, education and employment assistance, housing assistance and referrals.  Additionally, direct care staff adds their own unique experiences to the program, allowing adaptation of the curriculum to fit the specific needs of the client.

Through group and individual counseling, support system development and consistent mentorship individuals begin to gain the motivation and commitment to make positive lifestyle and attitudinal change.